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Digital Public Safety
Training Experiences

What We Teach

Learning lab

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In the Learning Lab, participants complete multiple educational stations in order to learn the fundamentals of fire safety. 

• Fire Tetrahedron

• Extinguishing Types of Fires

• Designing Escape Plans

• Using Escape Ladders


Home Safety Check

In the Home Safety Check, the participant learns the importance of properly checking their home before going to sleep.

• Alarm System

• Locking Doors, Windows

• Turning on/off lights

• Stove

• Fire Detector


ACtive Fire

Active Fire experience requires the participant to escape a home by safely navigating fire related hazards as quickly as possibly. 

Severe Weather

Participants experience a severe tornado warned storm and must identify items to complete their safety preparedness kit. Local broadcaster video is able to be incorporated in order to provide a more accurate and immersive experience for participants your local area. 




Our experiences use modern gaming technology to provide an immersive experience across all major platforms. Allowing your organization to reach target audiences no matter your integration requirements. 



Fire Lab brings safety experiences to life through immersive, gamified, recreations of training scenarios. This virtual environment provides the natural level of interaction the users of today expect. 



As participants complete experiences, Fire Lab passively collects key data points to provide your organization with a more comprehensive understanding of the needs of your area. 

Platforms and Pricing


Virtual Reality 

Fully immerse participants with Public Safety Lab in Virtual Reality.


Supported Devices:

 - HTC Vive Pro

 - Valve Index

 - Oculus Rift & Oculus Quest 


Web Browser

Ensure your ability to scale access through Public Safety Lab for the web browser. Using WebGL standards, Public Safety Lab is able to easily integrate into mainstream web browsers allowing access via laptops, chromebooks, or desktop PCs.  


iOS Devices

Easily integrate Public Safety Lab with existing  classroom or organization hardware through our iOS application specifically targeting iPhone 8 or newer models as well as 5th generation iPad models. 

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